Roles & Aspirations

MAPCU (Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities) was registered on 18 March 1997. It stands as Malaysia's most prestigious grouping of private higher education institutions with memberships made up of major and well established private colleges and universities in Malaysia.

MAPCU is recognized by the Ministry of Education, the National Accreditation Board, the Multimedia Development Corporation, the Ministry of Finance, and the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister's Department.

The MAPCU Scholarship Programme was launched by the then Minister of Education, Y.B. Dato' Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak in 1999. MAPCU member institutions have collectively offered over RM4 million worth of scholarships since its inception in 1999.


Operating in 'smart partnership' with the Government, MAPCU serves to harness the full potential of the private higher education industry.

The association's objectives include:

  • Promoting and co-ordinating the development of Malaysia's private higher education industry
  • Enhancing the quality and delivery of courses and programmes conducted by its members
  • Identifying and studying problems arising in the industry and implementing solutions in cooperation with relevant Government agencies and professional bodies
  • Protecting and representing the legitimate interests of members in matters of legislation, policies and procedures
  • Seeking representation on committees, councils and boards set up by government or non-government organisations concerning the industry
  • Encouraging and promoting the practice or professionalism and ethics among members
  • Affiliating itself with international associations and bodies involved in both public and private higher education

Code of Ethics

In upholding the principles of the National Education Philosophy and in its efforts to promote professionalism, integrity and quality in private colleges, members of MAPCU are committed to the following principles:

  • To ensure thc disclosure of full, fair and accurate information regarding programmes offered through responsible advertising and counselling.
  • To ensure that admission standards are maintained within a framework of well-defined policies and procedures.
  • To only engage in fair and ethical recruitment and promotional practices.
  • To ensure that qualified and competent staff are engaged to provide the academic and administrative support required for the programmes offered.
  • To ensure on-going high academic standards through the implementation of quality assurance mechanisms.
  • To provide appropriate physical resources, materials and facilities in the delivery of programmes.
  • To provide support services, premises and facilities that will safeguard the safety, security and well-being of students.
  • To ensure provision ofthe necessary contact hours required for respective programmes and the provision of pastoral care.
  • To ensure that all courses conducted have received all the necessary approvals from the appropriate authorities.
  • To develop all round personality of students to prepare them for future leadership roles and service to the Nation.

Bringing World-Class Education to Malaysia

MAPCU is committed to making the pursuit of higher education affordable while helping the Government reduce the outflow of funds for education overseas. Its members have collaborated with the Government in pioneering several innovative concepts in private higher education, including:

  • Establishing branch campuses of reputable foreign universities in Malaysia. Exact similarity with the parent university is maintained in terms of course content, academic standards and degrees awarded, albeit locally
  • Offering twinning degree programmes in which studies are conducted partly in Malaysia and completed abroad at the foreign partner university. In certain cases, programmes may now be conducted entirely in Malaysia although the degrees continue to be conferred by the foreign universities.

Additionally, students are offered other alternatives to gain recognised tertiary qualifications such as:

  • Local and foreign Foundation, Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma Courses
  • Local and international professional courses
  • Credit transfer courses
  • Complete foreign undergraduate degree courses on a distance learning mode
  • Complete foreign external undergraduate degree courses, such as the London University External Degree
  • Complete post-graduate business and computer degree courses
  • Twinning programmes with local universities

Assurance of Quality Education

MAPCU members serve as a vital conduit for the transfer of knowledge and technology from some of the finest universities in the world. Subscribing to the stringent standards of their foreign partners in terms of curricula, teaching methods and academic performance, these private colleges play a crucial role in enhancing the country's intellectual and professional horizons. Plans to establish research capabilities and facilities in the near future will add greater credence to Malaysia's standing in academia.

First Class Academic & Extra-Curricular Facilities

The provision of environments conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence and the overall development of standards cannot be over-emphasised. Thus, in addition to lecture halls and classrooms, several MAPCU members have made substantial investments in purpose-built campuses. In some cases, they incorporate recreational and residential facilities.